MLM Soft integration with Wordpress website

MLM Soft platform, even in its basic configuration, can be easily integrated with third-party sites and online stores.

At the same time, Wordpress is a very popular CMS system with tremendous capabilities to meet various businesses’ needs. Wordpress has a lot of useful plugins, and many of them are free.

Integration with Wordpress websites is often requested by our customers — so in order to automate this task we developed our own plugin for Wordpress

The plugin should be installed in customer’s website Admin area and activated. Then, a new option “Mlm-soft options” appears in the Main menu of Admin area. Website admin needs to fill out some fields, like API token, backoffice URL, etc.

After that a standard Wordpress authorization form on a customer’s website is automatically replaced with a personal account of backoffice. When a visitor enrolls or signs up to the website, they are redirected to MLM Soft sign up form first, and then back to the website

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