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Multilevel Marketing and E-commerce

Multi-level marketing, as you know, is a business model that allows you to sell your services and products through a network of sales agents. This means there’s a hierarchy from the top leadership to the network members.

The founders and managers within the company will launch an MLM business. Thereafter, they’ll invite independent partners (consultants and distributors) to join the offer. From there,  the company will provide logistical and marketing support to the network members. 

The distributors, on the other hand, will advertise and make sales while also recruiting new members to grow the network.

With e-commerce, there’s a website that acts as an online shop. Here, customers can purchase products or services through the internet. In simple terms, e-commerce eliminates the need to visit a physical store.

To enable this, there’s need to integrate payment gateways that allow customers to make payments using various methods. There’s also online ticketing for order processing and tracking, not forgetting a user interface for easier navigation.

After listing the products and services on the platform, the customer can make a purchase. There’s no hierarchy in this model unless you strike a deal with affiliates.

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Integration of E-commerce with MLM

Back in the day, an MLM company would first have to create the product, then market and distribute the product to the network. The company will then offer to pay bonuses to the network members from the sales generated.

On their part, the network members will recruit and train new members, sell and deliver the product to expand the company’s network.

Today, this process is much simpler thanks to the integration of e-commerce platforms in MLM businesses. Introducing e-commerce into the picture resolves logistics on the distributor’s side. With e-commerce, the MLM company offers more services including online payments, warehousing, and product delivery to the customer’s door.

As a result, the distributor’s main focus will be on recruiting more members to grow his network. The distributor will also have more time to focus on his partners and on product/service recommendations. This is what MLMSOFT aims to bring on board your MLM business.

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E-commerce Integrated Solution from MLMSOFT

At MLMSOFT, we understand that in the modern world there are a lot of wonderful e-commerce platforms. Therefore, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel and give a similar product.

Instead, we’ve decided to give you the freedom to choose the best and most suitable e-commerce platform from the existing ones in the market and integrate it with MLMSOFT.com Cloud Platform! But What does it mean to integrate with an online shop?

It means you must define 2 points of connection:

  • Authorization: A network member can refer a customer, meaning that the customer should be placed in the network. Moreover, each customer can become a distributor on any condition (say, when buys starter-kit, optionally). Once the customer becomes a distributor, he can use his bonus wallet to pay for purchases in the shop. With this in mind, all user data must be synchronized between the shop and the platform. To solve this, we provide a single-sign-on (SSO) service for seamless authorization. This means the user will need to sign in once to get access to the online shop and the Onlineoffice
  • Sales: To ensure you have the right data, all sales information must be synchronized with the platform. Afterward, the platform will consolidate this data and later provide a full network analysis, allowing you to calculate bonuses according to your preferred compensation plan.

The most exciting thing here is that you can either do it on your own with your IT resources, you can hire and 3rd party, or we can do it for you! We have a lot of additional services to offer, including web design and development, and mobile development. So we're happy to offer you a turnkey solution tailored to your MLM business.

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Content Management System (CMS) Plugins

To make it easier to integrate with e-commerce platforms, we created plug-ins for the most common e-commerce CMS in the business. With these plugins, your MLM business will be able to share data between the application and the online shop.

Drupal Commerce plugin

The Drupal Commerce plugin allows you to integrate Drupal-based websites and online shops with little effort. To do this, you must choose from the 2 options available:

  • A default online shop provided by the platform, which is a basic customization package. The package comes integrated with the platform, allowing you to start immediately and later on configure it as you move on. 
  • There’s also a custom online shop on Drupal 7 that allows you to customize your online website. Nevertheless, you must install our MLM Soft Drupal Module.


The MLM Soft Drupal Module has only one job. To facilitate seamless integration between the platform and the online shop. One of the functions it integrates is user authorization. This includes the login of existing users and the registration of new users. 

Once a new user signs-up on the online shop, the platform will also create an account for the user. Vice versa is also true. Once you create an account in NRM, the user will be able to login to the online shop.


Once a user makes a purchase in the online shop, the special webhook will activate. This webhook will then send the corresponding data to MLMSOFT.com Cloud Platform for the necessary compensation plan calculation. 

You can also add plan properties for all products available on the platform. This includes the personal volume (PV) for the purchase as well as the commissionable volume (CV).

WordPress Plugin

Similar to how the Drupal Commerce plugin works, WordPress allows for a single-sign-on (SSO). This means once a user signs in on the platform, he/she will also be able to access the online shop without having to sign in again. 

Users can also set a commissionable volume (CV) on product prices for easy calculation of commissions. Once a customer makes a purchase on the online shop, the data will be synchronized with the platform. 

Shopify integration

Integrating Shopify with the application also uses the web-hooks concept offered by Shopify. With this function, the MLMSOFT.com Cloud Platform will be able to receive data on purchases for compensation plan calculation.

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