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Most modern and flexible cloud platform for MLM companies

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Manage your network marketing enterprise with MLM Soft

Powerful cloud platform

Powerful cloud platform

Cloud platform deployed in kubernetes-managed cluster can be scaled in real-time and grow with your business

Infinite customizable

Infinite customizable

Everything in the platform is fully customizable and can be adjusted smoothly to your business process

Compensation plan calculation

Compensation plan calculation

Fast and precise calculation of any compensation plan (unilevel, breakaway, binary, matrix) in real-time and on period close

Online office and frontend

Online office and frontend

Distributor's online office with full customization of design and content, and frontend integration such as referral links and replicated websites

Payment  integration

Payment integration

Payment gateway and payout integration as well as any other 3rd party integration is easy due to open architecture concept

Out-of-the-box configurations

Out-of-the-box configurations

For start-ups we created quick-start configurations covering most common business needs to shorten your way to market Cloud Platform first released in 2017

The main idea inspired us to develop the platform is to provide scalable and flexible cloud solution based on most modern technologies to make it easier for MLM companies worldwide to manage their network relationship Cloud Platform dedicated to be a core of your MLM enterprise IT landscape. The platform deployed in multi-regional cluster that runs on hi-end hardware in leading world data centres. That's why it's so powerful and scalable in real-time according to your growing needs.

The platform consists of 3 main components: compensation plan engine and API core; NRM (Network Relationship Management) application for business owner and his staff; Online office application for company's partners (consultants or distributors).

Both components are customizable and can be adjusted to specific needs of any MLM business: custom compensation plan, enrollment process, financial rules, payments, online office visual themes and content, etc.

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We offer custom tailored MLM software solution based on the cloud platform. Integration and customization is performing according to your functional requirements. Delivery process in most cases takes no longer than just 1 month. Finally you will have your own platform ready to operate your MLM company.

For those who wants to start immediately we offer different out-of-the-box configurations which cover most common MLM business scenarios, such as: product company with e-commerce, binary company with starter-kit purchase, subscription based MLM with e-product or service (learning, trainings, content, or software), financial and investment MLM companies.

In order to get the software you should subscribe to the platform, and then choose any of out-of-the-box options or order delivery to your custom requirements.

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Patrick Powers

President, Unigold Global (Singapore)

“..What we like most about the cloud software is the support that comes with it. You have the ability to control most things on your own which gives you the ability to adjust to the marketplace quickly. The main problem that has been solved for us is the ease of doing business. Having a complete system that is simple to use and gives our distributors a great tool for their success. The level of expertise in all areas of direct sales is far superior to any that I have experience in the last 30 years of being in this industry.”


Tim Adams

CMO, NTC Solutions (USA)

“Simple, User-friendly, advanced and low cost. Team is outstanding in creating the MLM Software, they are really well understanding, i had just given an idea as per my requirements but the team made it true.They delivered a wonderful solution. Comfortable with this MLM Soft Cloud Platform. Thanks.”


Jerome Newman

Founder, MBS Betting (UK)

“MLM Soft Cloud Platform is the system I tried after trying so many systems in the module. My Affiliates enjoy using the MLM Soft Cloud Platform backed system: Usage, Reporting, Analytics, Marketing tools all are very robust. They gave us very good support, training. When we had any doubts and questions they helped us instantly. Well done guys.”


Stoil Palhutev

President, New Era Health Industries (Bulgaria)

"...Finally I found reliable software provider for our growing network. The rewards are calculating in full accordance with our compensation plan which isn't just simple. All the numbers we get match those of parent company's calculation..."

MLM Software features

MLM Soft it isn't just a compensation plan calculation tool, but powerful management platform which gives you true added-value with its network management features, analytics, and flexible configuration allowing you to keep software always up-to-date to your current business process.

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Demonstration and evaluation is a powerful and flexible platform and it needs to be evaluated and deployed according to company’s different needs. So, if this is the first time evaluating professional MLM software, you may not understand the value via video or demo.

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Online office

The Onlineoffice app is a flexible CMS alike solution that allows you to build your custom back office for your network members with your corporate colour scheme and brand book elements. You also can edit app's visual template, menu, and content, or you can just choose one of our pre-defined configurations.

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Compensation plan engine

Compensation plan engine is a core of the platform which operates compensation plan calculation process. The engine is flexible tool based on graph math model and it can support any compensation plan algorithm: unilevel, breakaway, binary, matrix.

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