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MLM software platform in the cloud

As a marketer, you must have an elaborate and efficient system that helps you achieve your sales goals. For a multi-level marketing company, these goals grow by the day as the company grows. As such, efficiency becomes mandatory to stay afloat in the business.

MLM Soft offers MLM companies an ERP software that allows them to monitor their network relationships, calculate commissions for their partners, and above all keep an eye on their finances in real-time.

The best part about this is the platform resides in the cloud. Why is that an advantage? Well, let’s start by defining what ‘cloud’ is.

What is the ‘Cloud?’

In simple terms, cloud computing allows users to access all computing services including storage, databases, analytics, software, servers, and networking over the internet. With this type of computing, users get economies of scale and flexible resources.

As an MLM company, such services are critical to the day-to-day running of your business and with cloud services, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Cost Reduction: With traditional computing, you need a ton of capital to buy software and hardware. You also need to set up a data center and that includes buying server racks. Don’t forget you need constant electricity to power the hardware. Then there’s the expertise needed to maintain the systems. In short, the expenses rack up quite fast. With cloud computing, you can save on all these costs.
  • Real-Time Scaling: Elasticity is crucial, especially when dealing with resources. In this case, users can allocate the right amount of resources they need at a particular level. For instance, you can allocate storage, bandwidth, and computing power as you need them.
  • Accessible from anywhere: Since cloud computing offers its services via the internet, all you need is a strong internet connection to access your data.
  • Shorter time-to-market: The sooner your product or service hits the market, the sooner you can start generating revenue.

Why Platform?

Before cloud computing, monolithic applications ruled. Today, thanks to cloud computing, Platform as a Service (PaaS) is now a reality. As an MLM company, you get the flexibility of building your own IT landscape according to the current business needs.

You can also integrate 3rd party applications to help you achieve your goals. If you need to expand according to your business, all you need is to make simple configurations. No need to re-design IT architecture and re-write the code.

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Why You Need the Cloud Platform

The Cloud Platform is built with the demands and insights of the MLM market in mind: One of the insights our experts had in mind was business models. Different MLM companies have different models but that isn’t an impediment to MLMSOFT’s cloud platform because the platform allows for multiple functions.

For instance, some companies sell physical products, others use representatives to make sales offline. There’s also the e-commerce route where MLM distributors make online sales while also recruiting agents to make sales for them.

Others use a subscription-based model while others use paid content. Whichever the case, the cloud platform is ready for the challenge. cloud platform is safe: A sustainable connection and the latest IT infrastructure are critical when dealing with sensitive data. For this reason, cloud platform relies on the best data-centers in the world, meaning you can rely on efficient and safe storage as well as fast and secure connections.

Furthermore, the platform uses micro-service architecture. This means each service works independently, thereby reducing the risk of failure.

Users can also back-up data in real-time, and in case of data loss on the client’s machine, it’s possible to restore data. In terms of security, the cloud platform uses the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

Further, the server software used is up-to-date and thus it’s safe. The platform also undergoes frequent updates with new versions available every month. Cloud Platform is scalable: Business requirements change often and this calls for flexibility and scalability. With Cloud Platform, you can configure and reconfigure the platform to suit your immediate needs.

Service Level Agreement-Based Hosting: cloud platform uses SLA-based hosting. For an MLM company, up-time is crucial to monitor real-time changes in sales and finances, etc. With SLA-based hosting, you can rest easy knowing we guarantee a high level of the platform’s availability.

The power of technology is undeniable and your MLM business needs this power to propel to the next frontier. With the Cloud Platform, your business will enjoy flexibility like never before, thereby reducing costs. With this in mind, you don’t wait any longer.

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