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In one of our recent posts, we introduced our built-in e-commerce solution that helps MLM companies launch and sell their products fast. It is packed with all the essential features from product catalog to shopping cart and checkout to payment. Once the product details are entered and a compensation plan is set up, the online e-commerce store is ready for business. 

But a popular alternative is to use platforms like Shopify, taking advantage of its many options for customization and configuration. Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce software platforms both in terms of market share and popularity. The fact that it offers a ton of features with a lot of flexibility means that businesses can often launch their e-commerce sites without any coding at all. 

There’s Just One Thing

With Shopify, it doesn’t take a web designer to make an e-commerce site look professional, and it’s easy for even those without any technical background to launch a full-featured site with your own domain. From the shopping cart, checkout, payments, shipping to promotional offers, everything can be set up fairly easily and your store is ready to go. 

But for an MLM business, Shopify lacks a critical feature: compensations and bonuses. Store owners cannot set up custom compensation plans and reward structures with Shopify as yet. With the compensation plan being the most important component of an MLM model-based business, this major downside means Shopify isn’t always the best choice for MLM companies. 

MLM Soft can offer a solution to this problem though. By integrating your Shopify store with MLM Soft, you can be assured that customers and sales are tracked, and commissions and bonuses will be properly assigned. 

Real-Time Data Flow Between Shopify and MLM Soft

Shopify Plus members can now integrate their e-commerce store with MLM Soft to allow seamless data flow between the two platforms. When new users sign up on your Shopify store, they will be placed on the network in the MLM Soft database. Data from any new event such as user sign-up, payment and checkout get instantly updated on the MLM Soft platform, then our compensation plan engine will calculate compensation and bonus on the back end, based on your custom compensation plan.  

From a technical point of view, the integration with Shopify is slightly different from our integration with WordPress and Zoho Inventory. Of all the integration options, most applications integrate through APIs, which means that MLM Soft makes regular data requests and receives data in return. MLM Soft initiates the synchronization, not the other application.

But Shopify uses a webhook-based approach, where Shopify itself pushes data into other applications. Each app integrated with Shopify will have its own unique webhook URL with certain parameters. When an event happens, Shopify will update these parameters and trigger the webhook so that the app, for example MLM Soft, will get all the data regarding the event. The synchronization is initiated by Shopify here, not MLM Soft.

There are a few key advantages of webhooks over API integrations, the most important one being instant data sync. Since Shopify initiates the process right when the event takes place at the store, the data is pushed to MLM Soft in real-time. This also means the inventory gets updated in real-time, minimizing the chance of overselling. Overall, webhooks are considered more efficient than API integrations as they are only triggered when new events and new data are available, whereas APIs check for new data even when there is none. 


The key to the MLM Soft platform is our flexibility. Our underlying architecture is tailored to integrate with any e-commerce solutions our clients choose to work with; in fact, any business tools and sales channels. While Shopify is undeniably one of the easiest ways to build customized e-commerce sites and stores, it is not pre-built with the feature to calculate multi-level compensation and reward. Our Shopify webhooks integration allows seamless data flow between the Shopify platform and ours, so that our compensation plan engine can work with the data and perform all calculations of commission and reward on the back end. 

We are also working on creating an app for the Shopify App Store. Real soon, you will be able to integrate MLM Soft with your Shopify store by simply installing an app. 

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