Payout Automation: Simplify Your MLM Payout Process


Payout Automation: Simplify Your Payout Process

Affiliates and distributors work hard to make sales and add new recruits to the network, and they expect to be paid timely and accurately. Most companies rely on spreadsheets and bank transfers for payout processing, and their finance managers would agree that there are many challenges with this manual process - underpaying, overpaying, late payments, and a host of other problems. MLM Soft helps companies automate payouts via a single API, saving countless hours of manual effort and removing errors from the equation. 

Here's how the MLM payout automation works

MLM Soft calculates commissions for distributors either in real-time or at the end of a commission period, depending on the company's compensation plan. The numbers are calculated by the platform automatically, but the company can re-calculate them manually if needed. Distributors can see the commissions earned in their back offices. 

When the company closes a commission period, MLM Soft sends out the calculated commissions as separate transactions to the distributor's virtual wallet, simply displaying the transaction history and the virtual balance. There's no real money involved. The virtual balance is there to show distributors how much the company owes them.

For the distributors to get paid, withdrawal requests have to be created either by the distributors themselves via the Online Office, or by the company for individual or multiple network members at the same time. To process these payout requests, companies now have two options — manual payouts and automatic payouts. 

With manual payouts, the company's finance manager with the corresponding access level can gather all the payment requests, export them to an XLS or CSV file and then process them manually. Many MLM companies are currently using this manual process, but it is now time to consider automating the payout process.

Some of the most reliable payout providers have already integrated with us. We also have a customizable interface called 'payment adapter' that integrates with any other payout provider per our customer's needs. Our customers can now offer their network members a wide range of payment options, including wire transfer, cryptocurrency, and other payment gateways. MLM Soft is a software provider, not a payment provider. All payments are processed through third-party payment providers; MLM Soft does only compensation calculations.

The company will only need to set up an account with the selected payout provider and share with us the integration details such as API token and account name. We will then integrate the chosen payment platform with MLM Soft. After that, payment requests can be sent automatically to the payout provider through an API call, and then the payout will be processed at their end. 

While payout automation can save companies hours of manual effort and remove the risk of human errors, companies remain in complete control over all aspects of payouts, such as defining the commission period and re-calculating commission. They can also filter out part of the requests from the payout based on specific criteria. 


Flexibility and ease of use have always been the core features of MLM Soft's underlying architecture. Our platform is tailored to integrate with the most popular business tools to help MLM companies automate their processes, from adding new members to the downline to sending payouts, so they can focus on other areas that require attention. 


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