Adding Membership Management Functionalities to Your MLM Website

Adding Membership MLM Management Functionalities to Your MLM Website

Subscription is a powerful business model. In addition to obvious advantages such as recurring revenue and customer retention, businesses also benefit from the loyalty it creates among customers who subscribe to some form of monthly plans or memberships.

However, the subscription model does require a little more effort for the company. 

Subscriptions need to be managed. Users need to be able to purchase different levels of memberships, get access to protected content, and renew subscriptions through automatic payments. This often translates into investment in membership management tools that are capable of processing recurring payments and sending auto-reminders, and so on. In the case of an MLM business, the tools would also need to be highly-customisable to meet the complexities of different types of compensation plans, bonuses and referral network. 

If your business operates under both of these models, this blog will introduce a few plugins that would combine all the functionalities you need for a high-performance company website. 

WordPress for membership management

The best option to manage subscriptions, one that we highly recommend and in fact many of our customers are already using, is to create a website on WordPress using membership management plugins like Paid Memberships Pro and MemberMouse. They make it easy for subscription-based companies to create and manage their websites with basic features like sending auto renewal reminders and push notifications, and managing access and offers for different membership levels. 

These plugins take the day-to-day management tasks off your plate, and you also get detailed insights and data about your users, revenue growth, engagement statistics and trends over time to help you make strategic decisions and grow your business.

Integration with MLM Soft

When the WordPress website is ready, integrating it with the MLM Soft platform is straightforward with our free, open-source WordPress integration plugin. You can then create your own compensation structures with levels and parameters that align with your membership plans. 

Each time a user purchases a subscription on a website managed by a WordPress plugin like Paid Memberships Pro, our Integration plugin will transfer the order amount to the MLM Soft platform for a certain property, which then triggers the calculation of user bonuses based on the compensation plan.

To simplify things even further, we could build the membership management website as an additional service to save you the hassle of having to build it via a WordPress plugin first. The website would come with membership management features and integrate well with the MLM Soft platform, making it a truly one-stop setup. 


Building a business website for an MLM company isn’t difficult. But for one that’s based on a subscription business model, the challenge is to build a website that combines membership mlm software management with MLM-specific features to keep both your users and network members happy. Our WordPress integration plugin helps you do just that. 

To find out more about our plugin and get to know how it helps to manage your user subscriptions, arrange a callback to discuss any questions you have.

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