Track Sign-ups and Referrals with Replicated Websites

Track Sign-ups and Referrals with Replicated Websites

One challenging task of MLMs is to ensure the accurate positioning of new users and distributors in the compensation structure. Incorrectly positioning any users - even just one level up or down - could mean a significant impact on the income of everyone from the user’s sponsor to the frontline or downline members. It’s one of those mistakes that would almost certainly upset the members involved, but we can offer a solution to that. 

The personalization module developed by MLM Soft is a free, ready-made integration module developed for MLM websites to avoid such errors. The module can replicate landing pages, company websites, or online stores built on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or WordPress. It also integrates seamlessly with popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal.

An advertising tool for distributors

The personalization module allows each distributor of the MLM company to have their own personalized website with their personal information such as name and contact details. This is made possible through a unique referral link that identifies the distributor, fetches the distributor’s information via an API call, and then displays this information on the website, for example on the Contact Us page.

Once the personalization module is installed, it tracks each click, each new sign-up, and the relevant distributor. Distributors can confidently use the referral link for advertising purposes and have that extra edge of having their personalized information up on the website. The MLM company, on the other hand, gets accurate data and in-depth insights into their distributors’ performance.

Ensuring the right compensation structure for new users

Another advantage of using the personalization module is that new users will always be placed in the right position in the MLM company’s compensation structure. Oftentimes, either the individual distributor or the company is responsible for making sure new users are placed correctly in the network structure. The replicated website takes this off their plate by putting any new user under the distributor to whom the unique referral link belongs. This can be a huge time saver for the company as well as the distributors.

But what if the visitors don't sign up on the first visit? The module places cookies associated with the distributors on the visitors’ browser on their first visit. So, when they return later, the module will still identify the distributors, even if they are visiting the company’s official website and not the distributors’ personalized websites. The way this works ensures that the sponsors (i.e. referrals) are compensated correctly for their efforts while saving time for the MLM company.


Distributor personalization and referral tracking are two essential features that many MLM companies need for their websites. Setting these up requires a lot of code changes to the original websites; some of these include creating a referral program, developing an API, personalizing the website, and the hardest of all, adding new and current users to the referral program in the right structure.

MLM Soft’s personalization module effectively solves this problem and can readily work with WordPress, Drupal, and other popular CMS platforms. To find out more about the module and get to know how it helps to track your new sign-ups, arrange a callback to discuss any questions you have.

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