Boost Your Token Sale With a Referral Program

Over the last few years, we have seen a boom in the number of tech companies creating their own cryptocurrency tokens and then launching an ICO as a way to raise money. Although this new type of fundraising help companies raise money faster, it could take months to create the cryptocurrency itself. On top of that, the company has to take care of the marketing aspects such as the website, referral programs and finding investors. In this blog, we will learn how MLM Soft can help companies manage an ICO and market token sale better with a robust referral program through our platform. 

Launch an affiliate referral program through MLM Soft

MLM Soft can help you launch your token and make it a massive success by implementing an affiliate or referral program. Our flexibility allows you to sell the tokens entirely through MLM Soft or build your own ICO website and integrate it with us for extra functionalities such as commission calculation for the referral program. 

Once you have set up the custom compensation plan of your referral program in MLM Soft, the platform will do all the commission calculations and distribute the rewards to your customers, affiliates and investors.

Flexible wallet management

To sell coins through MLM Soft, you can start by creating a currency wallet representing your cryptocurrency token. Our wallets support real-world currencies such as GBP and USD, but you can create separate wallets for cryptocurrency tokens. 

Once you create a wallet and set the rates, you can start selling the tokens right away. Users in the Online Office can buy the tokens by making payments using the various payment methods supported by MLM Soft. Alternatively, they can transfer funds from their existing wallets to purchase tokens. MLM Soft supports user-user transfers, so the tokens purchased are never bound to one user.

The architecture at the core of MLM Soft allows us to encapsulate our functionalities into the UI components of the Online Office, using wrapped components to provide a framework where each component is wrapped and can be used on any web page on the internet provided that secured authorization is set up. 

Companies can place our UI components directly on their own landing page so that an investor’s wallet balance, price movement charts, portfolio value, and any e-commerce features that would have been accessible only in the MLM Soft dashboard can now be viewed on the company’s website directly. 


With the powerful token management features of the MLM Soft platform, companies can launch and manage an ICO entirely through our platform. Our flexibility also allows companies to build their own ICO websites and integrate with only specific attributes of our platform. Along with token management, MLM Soft makes it easy to combine an ICO with a referral program, so companies can effectively attract more investors to and boost token sales. 

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