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The Onlineoffice Application from MLM Soft

Thanks to technological advancements, it’s possible to work from anywhere. In the MLM business, you need a system that allows you, the owner, to provide your network members with all office functions to increase their efficiency and ultimately, generate more profits for the company.

This is where the Onlineoffice application from Cloud Platform comes in handy. The platform offers one of the best office suites that suits your MLM business. With this platform, you can create an online office that your distributors can use. Before taking a look at what this online office has to offer, let’s describe it in detail.

Why Your MLM Business Must Have an Onlineoffice 

The online office offered by is a day-to-day virtual office that allows your network members to perform all office operations including product/service advertisement, making sales, report generation, and recruitments among others from anywhere.

Since the platform resides in the cloud, it means your business will benefit from increased flexibility thanks to the Onlineoffice that allows your network members to work from anywhere in the world.

This means you get all your software requirements as a service and you’ll pay for the service. Therefore, you don’t need millions of dollars to hire software developers and IT technicians for maintenance. You also don’t need to invest in expensive infrastructure. Instead, you get a ready system with preset configurations that you can customize to fit your MLM business.

The online office offered by is a day-to-day virtual office that allows your network members to perform all office operations from anywhere. Online office (or Back office) of MLM company is a tool which main goal is to increase network efficiency.

It's designed to cover the most important operational functions for each MLM distributor:

  • Reporting and information – With the Onlineoffice application, your network members can generate real-time reports on how their businesses perform.
  • Business materials – To increase the profits in your MLM business, your members need access to various business materials that will improve their overall output. Here, you’ll be able to provide your members with useful information including presentations, printing materials, instructions, education, and training.
  • Business tool – The Onlineoffice application is a business tool you can use to register new members. It will also allow your network members to include referral links that allow them to advertise products and services online. Users will also have a replicated website but with personalized details to distinguish each member.
  • Commerce tool – The Onlineoffice application is a complete tool. This means you don’t need to create a separate website to act as your front-end online shop. The application comes complete with basic commerce options including a starter-kit purchase that allows you to hit the market as fast as possible to start generating income. 

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The Onlineoffice Application of Cloud Platform

Our Onlineoffice is a powerful yet flexible content management system (CMS) that solves your MLM business needs. For instance, to make sure the application fits your business, you can configure the menu, web pages, add custom content, use different templates, and customize the entire office to your liking. 

Moreover, other UI components are connected to the platform and provides the needed functionality existing in the same data space as main NRM application. You can configure each component to fit your business. The features included in the Onlineoffice include:

  • Multilanguage – With this feature, your MLM company will be able to expand to international markets without worrying about language barriers because the application offers multiple languages.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard in the Onlineoffice will show your network members multiple parameters in the network. On the dashboard, you’ll be able to view a summary of the current project. The dashboard displays the different parameters such as the number of accounts, the number of sales, the number of bonuses, the location of the distributors, rank changes, and network dynamics, etc. in a graphical form. 
  • Metrics report and diagrams – Here, you have access to a flexible report builder integrated into the application that allows you to generate custom reports based on network data. The custom reports can include diagrams for easier comprehension.
  • Downline / Frontline management – Downlines represent members signed under a particular distributor. With the Onlineoffice application, the distributor will be able to view and manage his part of the network (the network members under him).
  • Payout – The Onlineoffice comes with a payout request and management feature that allows you to process withdrawals using 4 methods. They include creating a single request, creating a bulk request, exporting requests, and manual processing.
  • Wallet transfer between accounts – This feature allows your network members to transfer virtual funds from one account to another. To do this, navigate to the “Wallet operations” feature and click on “Account to account transfer.”
  • Referral link – offers a referral link feature that allows distributors to advertise their products or services online using a unique link (referral link). Once a potential customer clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the owner of the link gets a commission. This is an efficient way of tracking sales made by distributors and downlines.
  • Replicated websites – As the name implies, this is a single website mirrored to all distributors within the network. However, each partner will have a unique link to the website that contains information on all products and services offered. Note that each member will have access to the same website but the personal information will differ.
  • Access roles – A role is simply a right of access, creating platform objects, and editing not forgetting assigning roles according to priority.


The Onlineoffice is customizable to fit your business or even your taste. For instance, you can set a color scheme for the Onlineoffice to represent your company. You can also upload a custom logo that will speak on behalf of your business and add personality to the company. 

Further, you have the freedom to change the content structure similar to how you can change a website’s structure and its content. For example, you can re-configure the menu, add or delete pages, add or delete content from these pages.

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