Launch Your Site Fast with Built-in E-Commerce Features

In e-commerce, time to market is critical. When a new business is launched, you want it to be available to the market as fast as possible. But building a bug-free custom website from the ground up takes weeks, if not months. By the time your e-commerce site is ready, you may well be too late in the game.

In some cases, there is simply no need to build a custom site; for example, if you have a limited product line or if the sales process is pretty straightforward. Going for a ready-made e-commerce site will save you both time and money. And of course, as the site involves payment processing, there is no scope for any security loophole. Go for a ready-made solution so you know your site will be secure. 

MLM Soft has developed a whole bunch of e-commerce features into the Online Office module of the platform to cater to the needs of MLM businesses, which often are different from those of general e-commerce businesses. 

MLM Soft Built-in E-commerce Solution 

All essential features for an e-commerce website

Our built-in e-commerce solution is not a marketplace or a web store, but an Online Order module built into the Online Office as part of the MLM Soft platform. MLM companies can use it as a foundation in the startup phase to sell products directly to network members through their Online Office. 

The module has all the essential e-commerce features an MLM business may need for its site: product catalog, detailed product information, shopping cart, checkout, delivery address verification, sales tax, online payments, pay-on-delivery, and payment from the bonus wallet. 

With the Online Order module in MLM Soft, your products can reach customers much faster. All a company needs to do is to add product details and images, compensations, and bonuses. When a purchase is made, the module automatically assigns an account status and role as per the compensation plan.

We are always about flexibility

Given the size of the industry, there is a rising need among MLM companies for software flexibility to meet their dynamic needs. As you would see in our other modules and solutions, the Online Order is packed with features that allow easy integration with other business tools. 

In the Online Order module, the source for the product catalog is delivered in Google Merchant XML format - the standard for product data exchange in e-commerce. This allows seamless integration of the Online Order module with various other e-commerce solutions.

The feeds can also be set up from any source. It could be your inventory management software, e-commerce site, or the integrated inventory management in MLM Soft. The idea behind this module is to save time, and these features and integrations allow MLM businesses to launch their site fast.

Starter Kit

We have also built a Starter Kit UI component, which can be configured according to the MLM company’s compensation plan. When a user purchases one of the four different Starter Kits, an account status, role, and compensation scheme can be assigned according to the particular MLM business configurations. 

The Starter Kits module is built into the member's Online Office and integrated with the MLM Soft platform, suitable for binary plan projects, project selling subscriptions, or any virtual product. Once the Starter Kit is set up, there is no need for a product catalog. However, having one alongside the Starter Kit will bring additional flexibility and an opportunity for more revenue. Several popular payment gateways such as Stripe, Payeer, Yandex payments, and Coinpayments have also been integrated with the MLM Soft platform to enable secure payment processing.


For a new e-commerce business, building a fully-functional, secure website is one of the most time-consuming tasks and delays the time your products reach your customers. Going for a ready-made solution reduces time to market and lets you focus on growing the business, not building the infrastructure.

With our built-in e-commerce features, MLM companies can launch their site fast without compromising site functionality or security. In the next blog, we will look at some use cases and our integration features in more detail.

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