Cloud-based Software: Redefining Profitability, Flexibility and Security in Multi-Level Marketing

Cloud-based Software: Redefining Profitability, Flexibility and Security in Multi-Level Marketing

The accelerating growth of cloud technology has made our lives even easier than before. From a business perspective, cloud tech opens up a whole new world of development opportunities and also means that business management is more cost-efficient today. 

Cloud-based software solutions help companies automate a good part of their business. Most of these solutions operate only in specific areas like payments, accounting, inventory management, etc. However, open-architecture based solutions like MLM Soft allow customers to integrate tools across different business functions so that data is synchronised between tools, making it even easier to manage the business. 

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The possibilities offered by cloud-based software are enormous, and it is gaining more popularity among multi-level marketing (MLM) companies today.

Low costs and maintenance help to boost ROI

One of the most appealing advantages of cloud solutions is that the return on investment (ROI) is considerably higher. Apart from cutting down the costs on hardware, maintenance and staff, modern cloud service providers allow adding, removing, and swapping modules and software components as and when needed. These features make cloud solutions adapt quickly to future technologies while allowing customers to integrate tools and components that are specific to their businesses.

Cloud technology also offers the mobility that allows businesses and managers to handle everything remotely. Workflows, accounting, inventory management, communications - almost all areas of a business are managed online. Without the need to invest in hardware and hiring, MLM Soft customers can expect a higher ROI, made possible by operating on a larger scale at a lower cost. 


Flexibility to scale up and grow depending on the load

Upgrading servers and monitoring their individual resource load was one of the most challenging jobs in the pre-cloud era. Businesses had to monitor the server loads closely and upgrade it as and when needed, which takes up a lot of human resources and infrastructure as the business grows. 

But scaling up a business is more about customer acquisition than massive investment in the infrastructure and resources. As a cloud-based software, MLM Soft stays on top of server and resources upgrade and maintenance with our cluster allocating resources automatically depending on an individual server’s load. This ensures undisrupted service so that our customers can focus on other areas of their business. 

Security and reliability to deliver continuously. No disruption.

Traditional monolithic applications are updated only once in a while since any change will affect the entire application, which ultimately results in delayed bug fixes and app enhancements. Cloud technology solves the dependency problem as developers can now separate the code from the underlying infrastructure. 

Our cluster is based on Docker. Each component operates as an independent microservice in the cloud cluster with its own sets of resources. Applications hosted on the same server do not interfere with each other as each service is created and deployed individually. Each service can be updated and scaled based on specific needs, while resources in the cluster are managed by Kubernetes and allocated automatically depending on the server’s load. Used together, Docker and Kubernetes ensure there is no disruption in the service, providing unmatched security and reliability that way exceed expectations in the pre-cloud era. 


Cloud technology has transformed how MLM companies manage their growth by making everything remotely accessible. Companies are managing accounts, payments, inventory and sales using solutions in the cloud. These solutions, including MLM Soft, are much more cost-efficient meaning that our customers can achieve a considerably higher ROI than when businesses were managed using hardware and human resources. 

Powerful technologies like Docker and Kubernetes have improved the efficiency of cloud services even further. Applications can now run in a highly secure and reliable environment, leaving no chance for service interruptions, even when the software is being upgraded. These advantages are the driving forces behind the move of MLM companies to the cloud.

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