Obsydien: MLM Soft Integration with the WordPress Plugin

Most of the business tools in the past were designed to target any industry in general, rather than to meet the specific needs of MLM companies. But open architecture and flexible software solutions have opened up new opportunities. Today, cloud-based solutions and open architecture let MLM companies customize these tools specifically to their needs.

As a cloud-based platform for MLM companies, we focus on flexibility. Hence, our underlying architecture and design are tailored to let our customers seamlessly integrate MLM Soft with their chosen sale channels and business tools like Zoho Inventory.

Lately, UK-based Obsydien has integrated MLM Soft with its frontend eCommerce website.

MLM Soft Wordpress Integration


Integrating MLM Soft with WordPress and eCommerce sales channels

We remain focused on serving the needs of MLM companies regardless of what industries they operate in, and the cloud-based open architecture is a key feature that allows us to build custom integration solutions for these companies using third-party software.

One of the most-often requested integration is with WordPress websites, so we developed our own WordPress plugin to automate this task so that our customers can get the website ready in no time.

WordPress, being one of the most popular CMS platforms today, has thousands of free plugins and tools to meet various business needs. Building an eCommerce website, setting up payment systems and managing orders is a breeze, and with our free, open-source WordPress plugin, integrating MLM Soft with Obsydien was even more straightforward, allowing the company to automate calculations of rewards and bonuses.

Any MLM business managing sales through WordPress will now find it easy to reward marketing partners and referrers by integrating it with our platform. The MLM Soft WordPress integration plugin allows single authorization and registration of users both at the website and via the MLM Soft platform, making it look and work like a single entity. The free plugin lets businesses generate referral links and personalized websites for distributors, as well as additional integration with Paid Memberships Pro and Woocommerce.

Compensation plan engine and the placement system compensation plan

Our compensation plan engine allows MLM companies to set up a compensation plan calculation algorithm, and it is entirely customizable. Companies have the flexibility to create multiple compensation trees with different plans, parameters, and properties. This structure and customizability allow MLM companies to experiment with innovative compensation plans and implement the one that maximizes profits for both the distributors and the business.

Obsydien is the latest customer who has effectively built an innovative placement system compensation plan with our engine. Their bonus structure has a growth-focused approach where compensations increase as marketing partners move up the ranks. Distributors are rewarded at all levels, focusing on recognition, reward, and retention. Well-performing distributors are paid a guaranteed amount based on the ranking each month, and also the earnings per sale go up as distributors refer more sales.

The various customizations available in the compensation plan engine enable Obsydien to create and use such highly-customized, multi-level compensation plans. Our engineering team will help to implement the custom compensation plan during the initial setup, and then the engine will be able to calculate bonuses and rewards at each level automatically, and precisely.


WordPress is a powerful, open-source CMS with thousands of plugins and tremendous capabilities that make it easy to set up and manage online stores and eCommerce websites. The flexibility and ease of use it offers are the main reasons many MLM companies have chosen WordPress for their sales channel.

With our free WordPress plugin, integrating WordPress websites with MLM Soft is a matter of minutes now. Obsydien is just one example of customers who have integrated MLM Soft with their WordPress-based eCommerce sales channel, taking advantage of our highly-customizable compensation plan engine to run a modern, complex, and custom compensation plan.

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