FanFuel Shows How MLM Soft Works for Affiliate Marketing

For an affiliate marketing program to grow, putting the reward process on autopilot is key when it comes to building trust with your affiliates. They should be able to keep track of their performance easily and have the confidence that they are rewarded accordingly. However, most programs out there are falling short at this. 

Not with FanFuel. They have now integrated their affiliate marketing program with MLM Soft to streamline the tracking and management of the reward process. 

MLM Soft was designed primarily for the multi-level (MLM) business model, but our flexibility means that even companies that are not strictly using a multi-level marketing model, for example an affiliate marketing program, can leverage our functionalities for a truly integrated solution. 

Affiliate Marketing vs. Multi-Level Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing are both popular performance-based sales strategies used by companies across industries. One big difference between them is in their reward structure. 

Multi-level marketing, as its name suggests, has a multi-level reward structure. It is a hierarchical structure where marketers are rewarded for the sales made by their team members on top of the sales they make themselves. First-level marketers earn a commission only on the sales they make, whereas third-level marketers earn a commission not only on the sales they make but also earn a cut of the sales made by their first- and second-level downline members. 

In contrast, affiliate marketing has a single-level reward structure. Companies reward their affiliates for the sales they make or for sending traffic to the company’s website. In a way, affiliate marketing is similar to multi-level marketing but with just one level of marketers. 

MLM Soft is equipped with features to work with the most complex compensation structure of multi-level marketing programs. It can most definitely work with affiliate marketing programs as their reward structure is even more straightforward, with just one single level.

How The Integration Works for FanFuel

FanFuel, a project of UK-based health supplement leader Wolfson Brands, has its own mobile app called Toolkit, offering its affiliates a variety of useful marketing tools. When we delivered our platform to FanFuel, the idea was to integrate our features into the Toolkit app to improve the app’s capabilities and streamline the overall reward process.

The architecture at the core of MLM Soft allows us to encapsulate our functionalities into the user interface (UI) components of the Online Office, using wrapped components to provide a framework where each component is wrapped and can be used on any web page on the internet provided that secured authorization is set up. 

In this case, FanFuel placed our UI components directly on its own Toolkit app so that everything from an affiliate’s wallet balance, rewards history, order history to frontline and downline network - all the metrics that would have been accessible only in the MLM Soft dashboard, are now available within the Toolkit app. 

And this flexibility will benefit e-commerce websites too. If a customer can also be an affiliate, there is no easier way to automate the reward program than with an MLM Soft integration. Just add our UI components along with additional affiliate pages so that affiliates can access sales information and detailed reports without leaving the e-commerce site. 


One way to look at affiliate marketing is, it’s essentially multi-level marketing but with just one level of marketers. With the UI components of our Online Office, affiliate marketing programs can now integrate our functionalities directly into their website and mobile app to extend capabilities. 

FanFuel is just the latest example of how the affiliate industry is beginning to see the advantage of integrating our platform with their own. Now, they never have to send their affiliates out of their own site or mobile app to access all the useful features of MLM Soft. 

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