MLM Soft platform integration with Zoho Inventory

The effective use of customized tools and software improves productivity and boosts business performance. This is why, as a cloud-based platform tailored for MLM companies, we focus on customizability and flexibility in our design of the MLM Soft platform.

With the platform, MLM companies can integrate third-party business solutions and add functionalities and features based on their business needs. Over time, we have integrated our platform seamlessly with third-party sites like WordPress, while some of our customers have integrated different tools of their choice. Zoho Inventory is the latest example of these tools. 

Open architecture and Node-RED

MLM Soft is an open architecture system. This core feature allows us to achieve an astounding level of customizability and use third-party, open-source software such as Node-RED. 

Our open architecture system also makes it easy to add, upgrade, and swap software components and modules. Any functionalities and features can be added as per the needs of specific MLM business models. The robust system allows data to be sent to other business solutions for analytics, and easy adaptation to fast-changing technology as there is no need to rebuild the entire system. These features make open architecture systems the most comprehensive solution for MLM companies.

The MLM Soft platform is supplied with a Node-RED integration bus so that our customers can streamline complex business processes with ease. The Node-RED integration bus is hosted in our cluster as a microservice, operating and setting up integration flow in the same environment as the platform itself. A significant advantage of the integration is that data can be fetched from one source and sent to one or multiple points at once, vice versa. In this case, data is sent simultaneously to Zoho and the platform. 

Many MLM companies have already integrated powerful business tools with our platform. As there is no vendor lock, our customers are free to choose the solutions they prefer for e-commerce, business, and inventory management.

A four-component integration for Unigold Marketplace

Zoho inventory is a widely used, cloud-based inventory control software that helps sellers organize and keep track of inventory movements. Once it is set up and integrated with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or Shopify, stock levels are automatically adjusted whenever a sale is made. Product nomenclature is standardized using stock keeping units (SKUs), which substantially reduces the scope for errors as each SKU is a unique identifier for each product.

We have integrated the MLM Soft platform with Zoho Inventory for the Unigold Marketplace, a leading online trading platform for gold market products. The open-source integration tool Node-RED allows us to create custom rules for third-party integrations so that we could design a customized, integrated solution that works for Unigold.

The Unigold e-commerce system itself is integrated with MLM Soft at the marketplace elements such as shopping cart and checkout, using our Drupal-powered Onlineoffice module. A trigger is included in the customer checkout process; when a successful payment is made on the Unigold Marketplace, the purchase data is updated on the Zoho Inventory via their API. Zoho will automatically create an invoice, apply any discounts, mark the invoice as paid, and then transfer it to the shipment section. 

Four components of the integration:

  • the e-commerce frontend website powered by Drupal CMS
  • the MLM Soft cloud-based platform
  • the Zoho inventory software
  • Node-RED as an integration tool

With its four components, the integration is more than just a simple point-to-point (P2P) integration but one with a specific flow. When a sale is made on the Unigold Marketplace, the data is sent to both Zoho Inventory and MLM Soft simultaneously. 

Integrating the MLM Soft platform with Zoho Inventory helps Unigold keep track of the products in stock and manage bonuses and compensations using the MLM platform itself.

Integrated solutions are the future

MLM Soft helps MLM businesses grow faster with our robust open architecture system and seamless integration with other business solutions such as Zoho Inventory in this case. It is a critical tool for improved productivity and business management, and integration is easy even for a complex trading platform like Unigold Marketplace. Arrange a call with our specialist to discuss your project.

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