Cloud Platform Integrations Cloud Platform Integrations

An MLM business can’t work on its own. You see, to achieve success in an MLM business, you must be flexible. Not just with your products but also with your partnerships with other companies/businesses. 

In this case, flexibility touches on how well your MLM business can incorporate custom-tailored solutions to reach more markets. To offer such custom solutions, you need a reliable partner that can handle anything you throw at it. Cloud Platform is your best bet. With this platform in your corner, you’ll be able to integrate other tools for greater efficiency and better results.

Sales Model

Your business needs sales revenue to generate cash flow and profits. Therefore, your sales model must be on point for increased efficiency. Different businesses have different sales models. For instance, it could be a point-of-sale (POS), online sales, an online shop or paid subscription. 

However, your sales model will not be a barrier to integration. The most important part of the sales model is purchase information. This what the platform requires to make a successful integration. The API within the platform acts as the bridge that transfers this information to the platform.

From there, you can use the information to determine the bonuses each distributor will get. Furthermore, you can also use the data to perform various analytics for future business decisions. 

E-commerce isn’t the only category that can benefit from our platform’s integration. An investment or trading platform is another sector where our platform can integrate. You can reward your affiliates not only on the sales they generate but also on other triggers. For instance, you can reward your affiliates based on how many recruits they make. 

Our platform can also work on cashback platforms. Let’s say a referred customer purchases a product on a 3rd party shop. The shop will send you (as a company) cashback. From there, you can calculate rewards up to the network.

Payment Integrations 

Payment is a key pillar in any business including your MLM business. There’s no doubt your company works with multiple partners and boasts several distributors. This means you have payments and payouts to process and this requires precision. Cloud Platform offers seamless payment integrations with the leading payment services in the industry. With this integration, you can process payments and payouts to your distributors without breaking a sweat.

Customer Relationship Enrichment

Apart from the money side of things, our platform can help your MLM business reach out to other 3rd parties to enrich your customers’ relationships. The platform gathers all relevant network data and thereafter, you can send this data to 3rd parties such as e-mail marketing platforms.

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