MLM Software Solutions by Industry Integrations – Solution Cases by Industry

As MLMSOFT Cloud Platform has open architecture in its core it opens wide opportunity to third party integration. This allows you to build your custom IT landscape according to specific needs of your business.  

Here you can find some useful cases of how MLM Soft platform helps managing different types of MLM business. 

International marketplace

MLM marketplace was built on MLMSOFT Cloud Platform for international MLM enterprise Unigold Global Marketplace based in Singapore.

An online marketplace is different from an online shop. An online marketplace is an online platform that offers third-party vendors a chance to sell their products. This means the vendors will share the platform and the customers but they will deal with the customers directly. 

In that case, the marketplace vendor only owns the platform and not the inventory similar to the typical market. 

On the other hand, an e-commerce platform or online shop features a single brand where the owner is the brand and sells its products directly to customers. This means the brand owns the inventory and there’s no option to include another vendor. 

Unigold Global Marketplace is a perfect example of a marketplace. This company offers a trading platform with gold as the main commodity. In this marketplace, Unigold Global allows multiple vendors to sell on the platform. 

Since it’s an online platform, vendors from across the world can sell their commodities on the website. However, the pricing and the catalog will depend on the region and country. The same applies to payment and delivery options. Cloud Platform integrated with the platform with ease to provide easy registration services, authorization, sales, and allows customers to make purchases using their bonus wallet. 

Payment is a major aspect of any marketplace and thanks to Cloud Platform, integrating the various payment services such as bitcoin, PayPal, and Stripe proved to be easy. MLM business owners will also need to calculate commissions and send them to their networks. With our platform, Unigold Global allows for Payoneer integration to facilitate payouts. 

Warehousing is another integral part of any online marketplace. Before the advent of e-commerce, this wasn’t the case for small business, however, the trend is changing and warehousing is now a vital element in the online business. 

With that in mind, it’s crucial to have an efficient warehouse management system that will help you keep track of the stock levels, move inventory between warehouses, and even make deliveries to customers.

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Subscription service

For the American National Transportation Cooperative (NTC), we provided a custom integration to suit the transport industry. The NTC is an association of transport industry professionals encompassing taxi drivers and truck drivers. 

The association allows these drivers to access various services by subscription and that’s where our partnership begins. Since the existing website rode on WordPress, integrating the cloud platform with it was easy.

This is because our platform comes with a WordPress plugin. From there, the association can get all recurring charges information into the platform to calculate commission.

Trading platform integrated with Metatrader

Almalaki, an international trading broker based in the United Arab Emirates, is another example of how versatile our platform can get. Almalaki is an online CFD trading provider that gives you access to trade cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, and gold through their platform. 

For Almalaki, information about trading volumes and gains for each trader is crucial. Therefore, the best platform to integrate it with is the Metatrader 4 platform. With this platform, getting trading-related data is easy and with it, the company can calculate rewards for its affiliate network. 

The integration’s uniqueness lies in securing sensitive trading information to avoid possible fraud. Keep in mind, these aren’t online purchases where a payment gateway can prove each transaction.

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