Cloud Platform Specifications and Architecture Cloud Platform uses the latest containerization technologies – Kubernetes-driven docker containers. With this technology, it means every component of the platform works independently, thereby reducing the risk of failure.

For instance, when one of the components fails or undergoes maintenance, the others will remain in service. Furthermore, our team monitors and scales these components in real-time. 

Also included in the platform is a powerful calculation engine that allows you to feed it any calculation algorithm for any compensation plan – matrix, Uni-level, binary, etc. Moreover, the platform can calculate, in real-time, a structure containing 20 million people and with a tree depth of over 100 thousand generations. 

In terms of scalability, you can always allocate more resources (disk space, processor resources, memory) when your business grows. For instance, if the compensation plan increases, you can increase the computational power to handle the increase.

Availability and fault tolerance are key factors in cloud computing. Cloud Platform offers three servers working in synchrony and is mirrored in real-time. To increase the availability and efficiency, the servers are located in modern data centers and they come with 99.5% SLA guaranteed availability. 

The data centers are in the USA, Asia and Europe. Therefore, you can choose a preferred location that suits your MLM business.

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