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Quick start configuration is just a set of common devliery and integration options which covers most needs of any MLM startup. As there are different scenarios for different MLM businesses we developed a few configurations which you can choose.

The most important things here is your business type, i.e. what do you sell through your MLM company and how you do it.

It means MLM business differs by product:

  1. Physical goods sold online or offline
  2. Non-physical goods, such as subscriptions, investments, services, trainings

It differs by enrollment and purchase process:

  1. Buyer can purchase any goods any time, same as linear retail or e-commerce business
  2. Starter-kit purchase and/or regular subscription charge

And of course it differs by compensation plan:

  1. Unilevel, stair-step, or any other classical plan
  2. Binary and hybrid
  3. Matrix

Thus to become operational quickly you just choose these options and order one of our setup packages.

  1. Basic setup. Compensation plan from our plan library. Basic customization of the online office and online shop if any.
  2. Customized setup. Any compensation plan you want. Deep customization of the online office and online shop.
  3. Integrated setup. Any compensation plan you want and 3rd party integration with your custom software (CRM, warehousing, accounting, etc.)

The setup fee begins from as low as $5,000, and typical price range for a customized solution is $15K-25K.

And the important note is that you won't be locked in that chosen option or configuration. You still have the same powerful Cloud Platform which can be customized and integrated any possible way to fit the changing needs of your growing business.

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