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Track Sign-ups and Referrals with Replicated Websites


The personalization module developed by MLM Soft is a free, ready-made integration module developed for MLM websites to avoid such errors. The module can replicate landing pages, company websites, or online stores built on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or WordPress. It also integrates seamlessly with popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal.

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Boost Your Token Sale With a Referral Program


In this blog, we will learn how MLM Soft can help companies manage an ICO and market token sale better with a robust referral program through our platform.

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Sync Shopify with MLM Soft


Shopify Plus members can now integrate their e-commerce store with MLM Soft to allow seamless data flow between the two platforms. When new users sign up on your Shopify store, they will be placed on the network in the MLM Soft database. Data from any new event such as user sign-up, payment and checkout get instantly updated on the MLM Soft platform, then our compensation plan engine will calculate compensation and bonus on the back end, based on your custom compensation plan.

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FanFuel Shows How MLM Soft Works for Affiliate Marketing


MLM Soft was designed primarily for the multi-level (MLM) business model, but our flexibility means that even companies that are not strictly using a multi-level marketing model, for example an affiliate marketing program, can leverage our functionalities for a truly integrated solution.

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Launch Your Site Fast with Built-in E-Commerce Features


MLM Soft has developed a whole bunch of e-commerce features into the Online Office module of the platform to cater to the needs of MLM businesses, which often are different from those of general e-commerce businesses.

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Obsydien: MLM Soft Integration with the WordPress Plugin


One of the most-often requested integration is with WordPress websites, so we developed our own WordPress plugin to automate this task so that our customers can get the website ready in no time.

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Cloud-based Software: Redefining Profitability, Flexibility and Security in Multi-Level Marketing


The accelerating growth of cloud technology has made our lives even easier than before. From a business perspective, cloud tech opens up a whole new world of development opportunities and also means that business management is more cost-efficient today.

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MLM Soft platform integration with Zoho Inventory


The effective use of customized tools and software improves productivity and boosts business performance. This is why, as a cloud-based platform tailored for MLM companies, we focus on customizability and flexibility in our design of the MLM Soft platform.

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22/01/2020 Cloud Platform uses the latest containerization technologies – Kubernetes-driven docker containers. With this technology, it means every component of the platform works independently, thereby reducing the risk of failure.

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SaaS benefits


Why SaaS model is so good in terms of ROI for your MLM company

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