A robust MLM software solution

Most modern technologies and comprehensive design makes our platform an ideal solution for MLM companies of any size.

Powerful cloud platform

Cloud platform deployed in kubernetes-managed cluster can be scaled in real-time and grow with your business

Infinite customizable

Everything in the platform is fully customizable and can be adjusted smoothly to your business process and compensation plan

Open architecture

API, web hooks, plugins, and everything for integration with any 3rd party: e-commerce, e-payment, messengers, inventory management, etc.


Any compensation plan

Super fast graph-theory based compensation plan engine allows to setup any plan: unilevel, breakaway, binary, matrix, hybrid

Built-in e-commerce

Built-in e-commerce features such as starter kits, and autoship, plus integration with any e-commerce platform

Out-of-the-box configurations

For start-ups we created quick-start configurations covering most common business needs to shorten your way to market

Network Management

Best in class Network Relationship Management (NRM) solution gives you a full control over the network.

  • Detailed information on any account, full history of all the calculations
  • Financial management in multiple currencies
  • Flexible analytics and report building tool
  • Payout management and automation

The Online Office

Back office for the network members where they can get all the reports, view downline, sign-up newcomers, as well as request payout, share referral link, and more.

  • 100% responsive design for desktop, tablet, or mobile
  • Highly customizable CMS: configure theme and layout, main menu, pages, content
  • Built-in e-commerce features for MLM: starter kit, online order, autoship
  • Multiple languages out-of-the-box, and you can add more easily


The Platform can be integrated to any 3rd party allowing you to build your custom IT landscape that fits your needs.

  • Online office template customization
  • Custom compensation plan programming and setup
  • E-commerce integration with API and plug-ins for most popular CMS
  • Payment gateways, inventory management, taxes

Video presentation

Learn more about MLM Soft Cloud Platform benefits from this 3 min video

MLM Soft rocks! Guys offer system flexibility, easy usage, perfect customer support, unbeatable price-performance-ratio, all-inclusive solution.

Johannes H

CTO, Predator Capital

We liked the easy APIs and their user interface. It is easy to use and easy to integrate with our other systems. Their installation team has been extremely flexible.

David B

MLM Director, Wolfson Brands

The software integrated with our system very easily allowing a seamless flow of data to allow our distributors to keep up to date with their daily business activities.

Laura W

CEO and Founder, Obsydien Inc

Meet our team

Our team maintains an effective mix of deep experience in MLM and modern high-load cloud software.

Valentina is our marketing director, compensation plan designer, and analyst.

She has 27 years of top executive experience as country director in Amway, then in Oriflame, so she knows all the kitchen from inside.

Marketing Director

Runs our marketing to ensure we speak with our customers same language.

CPO, co-founder

Manages product vision, development, operations, and strategy.

Gregory is the company's co-founder and Chief Production Officer, so he's responsible for the product as a whole, from requirements management, to user experience, and delivery procedures.

He has 15 years of experience in MLM software, and participated as co-founder and executive in number of MLM projects.

Alex is our chief engineer, leading compensation plan algorithm programmer, and system analyst.

He has 25+ years of experience in enterprise level software serving millions of end-users throughout the world, including high-load solutions architecture and delivery in Telecom and E-commerce.

Chief Engineer

Leads our team of 10+ top-talented software engineers.

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