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Network Relationship Management Application (NRM) of MLMSOFT Cloud Platform

Before diving into what the network relationship management (NRM) application has to offer, it’s important to know what NRM is and why you should care.

A multi-level marketing business depends on people’s networks to sell its services or products. This means meeting people and benefiting from those relationships in the form of leads. Therefore, the bigger the network, the more leads you’ll get, and ultimately, the more money the business can rake in.

When starting, the networks will be small and manageable but once the business grows, the networks can develop into a complex web. This is where a network relationship management application comes in handy. 

With it, you can increase your network’s performance and transparency to make the right decisions and manage it the best way possible. The NRM application in MLMSOFT Cloud Platform is for the company’s founders, executives, and office staff. It also allows you to have total control and all the information about your business.

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Product Features

With the network relationship management software offered by Cloud Platform, you stand to benefit from:

Full network management

Regardless of whether you have a massive network or you are just starting, the platform allows you to monitor your entire network live and in real-time.

This means you can perform operations such as view, search, filter, export, filter, export, and edit on profiles, tree position, ranks, metrics, virtual wallets, payouts, rules, and financial operations.

Compensation plan calculation

Real-time and periodic calculations and full history of all the bonuses and rewards according to your compensation plan. The plan and its rules can be adjusted to absolutely any algorithm due to our high-preformance compensation plan engine in the core of the platform.

Reports and analytics

To make sure your MLM business is on the right track, you need detailed reports to make a thorough analysis and with this feature, you get two types of reports.

Default reports – This is the most basic report offered in the application’s basic configuration. Here, you’ll get:

  • Network reports that include network dynamics and the dynamic of personal structures. The former shows the increase in the network position over time. On the other hand, Dynamic of personal structures shows tops for the growth of positions in the structure over time.
  • Financial reports include the payout, which shows withdrawals over a certain period and compensation plan that shows a summary of the information regarding bonuses for a set period.

Custom reports – As the name suggests, the application allows you to customize your reports using powerful report builder. This option is inexpensive and convenient. 

Financial management

For smooth operations, you need to keep an eye on the finances. This feature gives you detailed reports on financial data including:

  • Wallet operations – This feature allows you to view all the financial transactions performed on all accounts. There’s also a “filter” option that allows you to set preferred parameters for a certain operation such as period, wallet type, and operation type.
  • Cash flow and live wallet balance – Clicking on the “Company cash flow” option will let you see information on the company’s financial turnover either in wallets for live wallet balance or time intervals.
  • Payout request and management – This option falls under the “Finance” / “Payroll” option and it allows you to process withdrawals in the following ways:
    • Create a single request – Here you can only process a single withdrawal request linked to a card.
    • Create bulk request – This option allows you to make a massive payment to multiple distributors in your network. You can even narrow down the bulk payment to a single country.
    • Export requests – Export all active requests of the selected payment system with a status change to the file or third party mass payout platform.
    • Manual processing – As the name suggests, you’ll have to perform manual operations on all payments.

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MLMSOFT Cloud Platform Configurator

The configurator option in the platform allows you to make changes to suit your MLM business. Some of these settings include:

System Preferences

Here, you have a section titled ‘Data Formats’ where you can view and set the format for all types of data used in the application. 

Finally, in the Global settings, you can view and edit the global settings of the application.

Configure Users and Roles

This section deals with administrative users access management and it houses these two sub-sections:

  • Roles – A role consists of rights of access, editing, and creating platform objects, and assigned according to the priority of the tasks.
  • Users – The users are the employees of your network company. They are also the users of the NRM Admin and Configurator applications.

Financial Settings

In the financial settings, you’ll have 4 operations:

  • Payment Systems – This operation will allow you to view and edit the settings of payment systems used in the platform.
  • Wallets and Rules – Here, you’ll be able to view, edit, delete wallets and rules and also create new ones.
  • Currencies – With this feature, you can view the current currency in use and also add new ones to be used in the application. You also can setup custom exchange rates.

Message Settings

Here’s what you get with this feature:

  • Message Templates – Different messages require a different tone and theme. This feature offers multiple templates to suit your message.
  • SMS Settings – Set your SMS settings to suit your taste and workflow. This includes configuring the gateway that the SMS messages will be sent.
  • Email Settings – Organize your mailbox down to the tiniest details using this feature.

Compensation Plan Engine

  • Plan Dictionaries – In this section, you can view and edit dictionaries for various parameters on the compensation plan along with their values while also creating new ones.
  • Configure Trees – Trees show relationships in the network and with this feature, you can view, edit, delete, and create new trees in the application.
  • Plan Properties Configuration – Here, you can view, edit, and create new marketing properties.
  • Plan Parameters Configuration – In this feature, you can view, edit, and create new plan parameters.
  • Configure Plans – For any existing plan, you have the power to view, edit, and delete information on them.
  • Engine Configurator – View, configure, edit, and add new business operations for calculating business properties/indicators.

Member Accounts

  • Profile Fields Dictionaries – This feature allows you to view, edit, and add dictionaries as well as their values. This is what will be used to create profile fields.
  • Enrollment – This section contains three options: General, Referral settings, and Self-enrollment. Here, you can view and edit the information, registration, and conditions settings.
  • Onlineoffice Access – This feature allows you to create, delete, edit, and view roles as well as manage them such as restricting access to personal cabinet pages.
  • Profile Fields – This option allows you to view, edit, and create new user profile fields for the platform. The fields are split into two: custom (optional) and system (default setting).


  • Payment Gateway – Here, you can set the integration parameters of the payment systems.
  • POS Basic – The administrator can disable or enable the POS module display.


Under localization, you can edit all system messages and texts in preferred  interface language or add localization to a new one.