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MLM Software benefits

To achieve the goals set out for your MLM business, you need Multi-level marketing software. Today’s business requires technology to reach out to new markets and adapting to these changes is the only way to edge your competition. 

With MLM software, network marketing becomes manageable and efficient even for those that are new to the business. Cloud Platform understands what your business needs and choosing this platform unveils multiple benefits.

The Key Benefits of MLM Software

Key benefits of MLM Soft

  1. Cloud Platform: Our Cloud Platform resides in the cloud. This offers several benefits to your MLM company. For instance, you don’t need to hire IT staff to write code and maintain the system.
    The platform comes complete and ready to use with added advantages including full support, scheduled maintenance, a 24/7 helpdesk, frequent updates to ensure systems run smoothly.
  2. Open Architecture: MLM companies experience constant changes in their structure. With this in mind, having a static system will limit your flexibility. On the other hand, open architecture allows for flexibility including customization.
    For instance, you can integrate any 3rd party application of preference such as e-commerce, e-payment systems including PayPal, messengers, warehousing, etc. With this open architecture, you can grow your business up to 10,000% and open shop in over 100 new countries with the same platform.
  3. Fixed-Price Out-of-the-box configurations: For a startup, it must get its products or services to the market as soon as possible to generate cash flow that eventually keeps the business afloat.
    With the MLM software, there’s a specific model for startups with quick-start configurations that cover the most common business needs. As a result, your startup benefits from a shorter time to market.

Solution Architecture

Open architecture of MLMSOFT Cloud Platform

The final MLM software you get based on the Cloud Platform consists of 3 main integrated components:

  1. The Platform: The cloud platform is the engine of the entire architecture. In it, you have the compensation plan engine that is the core of every MLM business. This will allow you to set up any type of compensation plan including your own to reward your network.
    There’s also the Network Relationship Management (NRM) software that allows you to oversee the entire network’s performance. This includes finances, compensation plans, reports, distributor accounts, etc.
  2. Customizable Online Office: Once the platform is up and running, you can offer each partner an online office. Think of this as the typical day-to-day office only this time, one that resides on the internet.
    With this office, your distributors can generate reports, view current metrics, view their downlines, analyze their wallet statements, register newcomers, request payment, share referral links, and get support among other perks.
    The online office is also customizable to suit one’s taste courtesy of the corporate visuals available to choose from.
  3. Front Website: A website is the front desk of your business. Its where potential customers get information about your product. MLMSOFT Cloud Platform gives you the freedom to choose any website as the frontend of your business.
    It can be an online shop, a landing page, a paid membership website, a marketplace or any other custom web-based solution you choose to sell your product or service.
    You can also include a replicated website and offer it to your distributors as a tool to help them register potential team members, subscribers or customers. With a replicated website, each distributor will have a unique link to the main website that contains information about the product or service provided.
    Keep in mind, the website will remain the same for all distributors but personal information will vary. For example, the distributor’s name and contact details.

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Out-of-the-box Configurations

Instead of wasting valuable time developing and configuring a new system to get your product to the market, why not consider a ready-to-use setup? The Cloud Platform offers several configurations that allow you to take the shortest time to market. 

There are three configurations you can opt for - Configuration with Online Shop suitable for a business model that has several products on sale. There’s also the configuration with Starter Kit purchase suitable for an MLM project with several starter kits.

Finally, you have the basic configuration suitable for MLM businesses that don’t need a frontend website. All you get is the online office. 

Note that these configurations come are fully customizable, meaning you can configure various parameters to suit your business needs. This includes the compensation plan, products, pricing, margin, discounts, etc.

Configurations and pricing

Integration Cloud Platform comes with a powerful API that allows you to integrate any 3rd party application. Here are 3 most common integration options:

  • E-commerce Integration: Here, you can set up an online shop, a subscription website or any other platform where you can sell your products or services to potential customers.
  • Payment integration: Finances keep your MLM business running and each customer will have a preferred mode of payment. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to accommodate each customer for maximum revenue collection. With the payment integration offered by MLMSOFT, it’s easy to integrate the most common payment services.
  • Marketing tools integration: To reach new customers and retain existing ones, you need to go hard on marketing. Our platform allows you to integrate various forms of marketing including email marketing, automatic funnels, etc.