WIC Holding

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Since 2012 we have been working closely with the international company World Inter Continental (WIC holding), which is a recognized leader in the MLM industry. The idea of World InterContinental's project is to offer its partners the best of what is on the market of food products for healthy lifestyles, as well as advanced development among information products.

The beginning of our cooperation was the development of the company's marketing plan with further implementation of the bonus and income program. In parallel with the development of the fully custom Distributor's Back Office, we have been developing other important business features.

When the business mechanism began to work actively and it was necessary to respond to the increasing number of requirements to the program from the customer company, we switched to such a format of cooperation as Time&Material, or Dedicated Team.

This means that a team of developers is assigned to the client, who decides exactly his business needs. Backend, frontend, and SQL programmers as well as analysts and quality control engineers are among the specialists. At the same time - no headache associated with staff members in the form of vacations and sick leave.

For an actively developing company, the benefits of this format are obvious. When business requirements change on the fly, hired specialists on the fly develop any new functionality, coordinating actions with the customer. In a traditional format it would be preceded by long process of development and coordination of requirements, and as a result the main thing - Time would be lost. The applied approach has allowed to solve in the shortest terms the whole complex of the major business processes World Inter Continental.


The company was in operation since 2012 and until 2016. It is currently out of business for the reason not related to MLM software.