Predator Diamonds

Predator Diamonds MLM Soft

Predator Capital & Management Group Ltd. was established to meet the ever increasing demand for investment diamonds of high quality at fair prices. Over 30 years of market experience of diamond experts, diamond traders, accomplished purchasing and tax professionals, as well as payment processing through a legal trust account ensure an absolutely secure and transparent purchase process for our customers. 

Every diamond we sell is objectively and neutrally evaluated by one of the most internationally recognized certification institutions and the result is recorded in a document. This neutral evaluation confirms to you the authenticity, the quality and thus the value of the diamond and is handed over to you together with the diamond.

The certification gives you an untouchable asset that you can sell at any time anywhere in the world. This worldwide convertibility is a novelty in flexibility, which only very few investment opportunities can offer you.

Many investors and savers fear increased inflation due to the low interest rate policy and negative interest rates and are therefore increasingly looking for investment alternatives. Diamonds are considered the investment object par excellence; they are not only the hardest material, but also the most stable in value and at the same time the most exclusive material asset in the world.

We offered most modern MLM software solution based on MLM Soft Clouf Platform, implemented super innovative triple placement compensation plan of the company, which allows member to simultaneously participate in 3 different programs. Each program has its own dynamic compression rule.

Another interesting feature implemented for the Predator is a regular instalment payments management. As all the diamonds can be purchased with 12 months instalment payments, members in order to get paid, are required to pay instalment monthly. If there is no payment, then missed payments is calculated automatically by the platform, and it doesn't allow them to become active and get rewards again, until all the missed payments are settled.