Fanfuel Affiliate Marketing Software

FanFuel is owned by Wolfsonbrands with a decade of invaluable experience creating niche defining nutra products with over $450m in global online sales.

We delivered MLM Soft Cloud Platform for they affiliate marketing reward program, which shows how flexible our platform is. It’s not just for traditional MLMs, but for modern online-only affiliate marketing programs.

And the most interesting thing about that case is that it’s about integration again.

Because FanFuel has its own app called Toolkit with a lot of online marketing tools for their affiliates, the idea was to integrate it with the platform.

And this is all about our UI components of the Online office. They incapsulate all the features, and though normally used inside of our Online office, may be used at any 3rd party website. This is Wrapped Components technology, where each UI component is wrapped and can be used on any page in the internet (of course secured authorization should be set up properly).

So the guys from FanFuel just placed UI components of the MLM Soft Cloud Platform into their web and mobile app, to let affiliates see their downline structure, tree chart, frontline customers, rewards history, wallet balance, and so on.

This is a super flexible way to make an integration with any website: you don’t need to send users out of your website to the Online office, you can place all the Online office features as separate components into your web app.

This is a good option for the case like FanFuel’s, where they developed their own mobile app with affiliate marketing tools.

This is also can work for e-commerce solutions, where you may have customer online account in your web shop website, and if these customers can also be affiliates, you can add additional pages and place our UI components to show their affiliate business information such as rank, wallet, rewards, network, etc.